Design for Success.

Comprehensive, professional website services to keep your site running at its best.

When you have a new team member to add to your website, we’ll be there…

When your business moves to a new address, we’ll be there…

When you write that blog post and need it to look amazing online, we’ll be there…

When you need that job listing posted on your ‘Careers’ page, we’ll be there…

When big software changes threaten to take down your website, we’ll be there…

When your staff is gone on vacation and can’t change the website for you, we’ll be there…

…and you’ll get all of this at the same transparent price.

Clarity Web Services

Hosting, WP Upkeep, Content Management
$ 150
  • Content Changes Done For You
  • Powerful Managed Hosting
  • Month-to-Month Contract
  • NO Hourly Charges
  • NO Hidden Fees
Full Suite

Included in your plan:

  • Premium WordPress Managed Hosting
  • Website speed, caching, and security improvement through CloudFlare CDN & content size optimization
  • SSL security certificate – we’ll even make sure Google Chrome recognizes that your website “Connection is secure”
  • UNLIMITED changes to existing content layouts
  • UNLIMITED new page creation (using existing page layouts)
  • UNLIMITED blog post uploads (using existing blog formatting layouts)
  • UNLIMITED eCommerce product uploads & content changes (using existing product layouts)
  • UNLIMITED website DNS updates (for example, if you need to configure an email service like Office 365)
  • DAILY backups of your entire website
  • Website restoration when needed
  • FREE website restorations from backup
  • FREE website migration to our service
  • ACCESS to our experienced website design & development knowledge to answer your website questions

What DON’T we include?

Our management services, though generously broad, do have their limits:
  • Changing your WordPress theme is a separate service – we offer Website Remastering & Web Design services for this purpose.
  • Integrating new and advanced plugins into the website may require additional service charges. Examples include:
    • Ecommerce plugins
    • Directory plugins
    • Membership Management plugins
  • Content creation, such as copywriting, photography, acquisition of stock photos, and video production is not included. If you need these skills, we have a production network that we are happy to connect you with.
  • Social media management is not included. We WILL address issues such as default featured photos and copy for pages and posts that you wish to share on social media, provided that you supply the required content.

Struggling to Manage Your Website?

Website Management Is Not Easy

Are you a business owner or marketing manager at a company that relies on its website to drive company growth on the Internet?

If you try to manage your own website, then I’m sure that you’ve run into some challenges along the way that confuse you, frustrate you, or simply make you want to throw your laptop across the room.

I remember what I had to learn when I was starting in the website industry…

  • How to manage domains
  • How to setup hosting
  • What is DNS
  • How to use CSS and HTML
  • How to use WordPress
  • Why is my website broken?
  • How to fix a broken website
  • How do I make sure my website is secure?

The list goes on, and worse – these are just the basics.

When you start researching SEO, how to speed up a website, and ways to make your WordPress installation work better for your needs, there is so much content out there to sift through and absorb.

What if you didn’t have to do all of this?

You’re a busy person. I truly believe that you are GREAT at what you do… which is all the more reason why managing your website shouldn’t be on your list of ‘things to get to… eventually’. 

Your website can be a valuable, critical asset when run correctly. It can set the stage for success in your business and even close that business for you – if it is properly setup and managed.

Erik Soper, Founder

Who am I?

My name is Erik Soper, and I own a company called Clarity Business Design in Washington State.

For more than 10 years I’ve been making myself familiar with the technologies and systems that make websites possible.

I have built and managed 50+ websites across various industries, ranging from nationally-distributed manufacturers to tiny non-profit startups.

I have owned my own business in the website industry for most of my adult career. 

What do I do for my website management clients?

My experience in assisting my customers with their websites has shown me that 90% of WordPress websites need the same specific set of management services.

What are those services?

In a nutshell, most WordPress websites need:

  • A Strong Technical Core
  • Streamlined Content Management Assistance
  • Generous & Compassionate Customer Service

I have been fortunate over recent years to work with some amazing, talented individuals who simply needed a friend in the Website Business to help them stress less and turn their website into an asset rather than an energy-sucking vortex.

Problem-solving is my passion, which is why I focus on bringing my clients all of those key services in increasingly powerful ways.

Unfortunately, The Website Business Has A Bad Rap

Tell me if any of these statements sound familiar:

“I had a web guy, but he stopped responding and I can’t get ahold of him.”

“I hired a company to manage my website, and after paying them for 3 months they didn’t get anything done, took the money and left.”

“My website designer did an okay job, but the website has been hacked over and over.”

I’ve heard so many complaints and lamentations about website “experts” over my years in business… and it’s just sad.

I’ve had to salvage websites from abandoned web design companies, help my customers duplicate a site that they already paid for when their designer wouldn’t release it and hoarded the files.

I’ve stepped in to take up mission-critical tasks that were left undone for months because the owner simply had no time to dedicate into figuring out how to work their website while their friend, cousin, or web contractor stopped responding and supporting the website as promised.


There is good news, though – You don’t have to struggle with these issues any longer.

If you are like my clients, you may be looking for a way that your website can take less of your time to manage.

It may be so bad that you’re even considering taking your website down in the first place! 

Don’t do it! I can help you.


Introducing: Clarity Web Services

Clarity Web Services is my answer to a need for compassionate, specialized and comprehensive WordPress management services.

I’ve taken what 90% of my clients have asked of me and condensed it into solution for:

  • The company whose contract web manager has disappeared
  • The admin staff who struggle with the advanced technologies
  • Busy owners and managers who need to spend more time scaling their businesses and less time stumbling through the website interface
  • Most importantly, the challenges and frustrations that YOU face right now.

Let me show you what it includes:

Clarity Tech Core

Every website’s performance metrics rely first on the underlying technologies.

A custom home builder wouldn’t construct a house on shifting sand or a cracked foundation. Similarly, we make sure that your website is built on high-quality website hosting that is powerful and fast.

Simply migrating to our hosting platform typically yields 1-2 seconds of load time reduction.

We don’t stop there though!

In addition to great hosting, our Tech Core includes:

  • SSL Security Certificate Setup, tailored to Google Chrome specifications for maximum effectiveness and Improved Visitor Trust (not to mention SEO)
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) setup for Speed, Security, and Easy DNS Management
  • Website Caching for Speed
  • Daily Site Backups
  • Free Website Restoration
  • Google Analytics Installation so you can Measure Your Website’s Performance and Learn About Your Visitors.
  • Monthly WordPress Theme, Plugin, and WP Core updates for Security & Function*
*Unless prohibited by the absence of licenses for premium plugins & themes

Worried about hacking? Our hosting partner offers a hack-proof guarantee that we extend to every customer on our platform to make sure that your site is protected and fixed as soon as possible.

Value: $97/month

Ultimate Content Management

“How much will it cost to add [content] to my website?”

You won’t have to worry about asking this question anymore – Clarity Web Services includes nearly limitless content management services every month for a flat rate. 

  • No hourly rates
  • No surprise charges
  • No hidden fees

As long as you have content to upload (or remove), we’ve got you covered!


  • Unlimited Post Uploads (applies also to other post-like content)
  • Unlimited Written Copy Changes
  • Unlimited Image Swaps & Uploads
  • Unlimited New Page Creation (we’ll clone an existing layout and add your content)
  • Simple Aesthetic Changes (at our discretion)
  • Edits to Existing Content

NOT Included:

  • Theme Replacement (we offer website redesign & remastering for this)
  • Installation of Advanced Features (e.g. eCommerce, Directories)
  • New Layout Design (e.g. landing page design)
  • Copywriting (or any other content creation)
  • Photography or Photo Manipulation (we DO optimize your images for ideal loading time)
  • Stock Photos or Videos
  • Social Media Management

Value: $125/month

Generous Support

To get the most out of your website management services, you need more than just technical expertise…

You need a friend in the industry.

As a Clarity Web Services client, you have access to my knowledge and advice concerning a number of areas related to your website’s core purpose as a tool for your company’s growth.

On top of this, our team is available to answer your technical questions and collaborate with other specialists you rely on for marketing, graphic design, IT support, and more.

Our Areas of Focus:

  • WordPress Technical Support
  • Hosting Technical Support
  • DNS & Email-Related Technical Support
  • Analytics Interpretation

We can’t guarantee that we’ll solve every issue, but we do our best to leverage the resources and people at your disposal to give you the best answer we can, every time.

Relationships Matter Here

At the start of your website management service we will schedule a brief video or phone call with you to meet you, hear your needs, and speak about specific challenges that we are handling for your site.

Value: $300/month

Total Solution Value

Technology Core w/ Hosting ($97/mo.)

+ Management ($125/mo.)

+ Support ($300/mo.)


Combined $522/mo. Value!


Your Price:

Clarity Web Services

Hosting, WP Upkeep, Content Management
$ 150
  • Content Changes Done For You
  • Powerful Managed Hosting
  • Month-to-Month Contract
  • NO Hourly Charges
  • NO Hidden Fees


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John Doe

Frequently Asked

We will need the following at the beginning of your project:

  • Administrator credentials for WordPress
  • Credentials or Delegated Access to your Domain Registrar

If we encounter difficulty migrating your website with the WordPress credentials, we will request access to your current Hosting Account.

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Great Question! 

Our services are packed full of value so we typically do not discount them except in the following instances:

  • 501(c)(3) “Non-Profit” entities qualify for discounted services. Please contact us for details.
  • We offer a bulk discount for customers who register for 12 months of service at a time.

Your website is yours at the end of the day. If you decide that Clarity Web Services isn’t the right fit for you, we will ensure that your transition away from us is as smooth as possible.

We’ll deliver as much information to you as we can about your website’s important credentials, and deliver the website files to you with all of our updates included.

"Better Than We Found It"

We know for a fact that our systems work. We have improved every site that we handle, and look forward to improving yours.

Whether you stay with Clarity for 1 month or 100, within the first 30 days your website will see faster loading times, your urgent content changes will be done (provided that you send them to us), and we will have your analytics in place to measure the website’s content.

Let’s Begin!

Please schedule a quick consultation on our Calendly below. We will discuss over a Zoom video call or over the phone how we can help you get started.