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Comprehensive, professional website services to keep your site running at its best.

When you have a new team member to add to your website, we’ll be there…

When your business moves to a new address, we’ll be there…

When you write that blog post and need it to look amazing online, we’ll be there…

When you need that job listing posted on your ‘Careers’ page, we’ll be there…

When big software changes threaten to take down your website, we’ll be there…

When your staff is gone on vacation and can’t change the website for you, we’ll be there…

…and you’ll get all of this at the same transparent price.

Clarity Web Services

Hosting, WP Upkeep, Content Management
$ 150
  • Content Changes Done For You
  • Powerful Managed Hosting
  • Month-to-Month Contract
  • NO Hourly Charges
  • NO Hidden Fees
Full Suite

Included in your plan:

  • Premium WordPress Managed Hosting
  • Website speed, caching, and security improvement through CloudFlare CDN & content size optimization
  • SSL security certificate – we’ll even make sure Google Chrome recognizes that your website “Connection is secure”
  • UNLIMITED changes to existing content layouts
  • UNLIMITED new page creation (using existing page layouts)
  • UNLIMITED blog post uploads (using existing blog formatting layouts)
  • UNLIMITED eCommerce product uploads & content changes (using existing product layouts)
  • UNLIMITED website DNS updates (for example, if you need to configure an email service like Office 365)
  • DAILY backups of your entire website
  • Website restoration when needed
  • FREE website restorations from backup
  • FREE website migration to our service
  • ACCESS to our experienced website design & development knowledge to answer your website questions

What DON’T we include?

Our management services, though generously broad, do have their limits:
  • Changing your WordPress theme is a separate service – we offer Website Remastering & Web Design services for this purpose.
  • Integrating new and advanced plugins into the website may require additional service charges. Examples include:
    • Ecommerce plugins
    • Directory plugins
    • Membership Management plugins
  • Content creation, such as copywriting, photography, acquisition of stock photos, and video production is not included. If you need these skills, we have a production network that we are happy to connect you with.
  • Social media management is not included. We WILL address issues such as default featured photos and copy for pages and posts that you wish to share on social media, provided that you supply the required content.

Stop Letting Website Management Drag Your Company Down.

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