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Where Clarity began…

I’ve been in the digital marketing business since 2013, when I started my first website design company. I’ve always had a fascination with marketing on the Internet, and when I began building websites for local small businesses and organizations I realized that I had found a set of skills that resonated well with my interests.


Something that I most enjoy about the digital marketing industry is that I am able to learn about many different industries, some that I wouldn’t normally consider working in, and help people in those industries grow their own businesses in partnership with my efforts.

In September of 2017 I gathered my experiences in digital marketing to form Clarity Business Design with a clear goal: to build a company that my community can rely on for high-quality business website design services that make encourage measurable business growth. The company is already well on its way, and I know that we will continue to do great things for our clients.

Erik Soper, Creative Director at Clarity Business Design

Our mission statement:

Providing design solutions to make our clients stand out.

The Clarity Approach to Website Design

A website is a 24/7 company representative with the highest potential accurately reflect the company brand. Most importantly though, a good website serves the future of its company by playing a measurable role in the sales funnels and marketing tactics that make the company successful.

Every marketing tactic possible points to the company website – whether it’s the intended destination or simply a means for a prospect to validity the company.

No marketing materials, storefront, or word-of-mouth efforts are flexible or reliable enough to represent a company brand better than the website, which is why we begin each project by carefully considering our clients’ objectives before we begin considering designs and layouts for the website.

The right website will serve the future of your company – not the past, and not the present. In order for our designs to serve the future we consult with our clients to determine their audience, their company image and their brand message, and what numbers they see in their business a few years out.

From there we begin with our design process, with an emphasis on clean layouts and streamlined user interfaces.

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