Design for Success

At Clarity Business Design, we take a fresh approach to every project. Our goal is to increase your business’s revenue with strategic exploration of who is your best customer, where and how to find them, and why they choose to buy from you. We craft our design solutions to attract more of those top-dollar customers with a higher standard of visual appeal.

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The first one is on us.

More Than Website Design

Anyone can build a website, but not everyone can build one that fulfills its purpose. At Clarity Business Design, we analyze your business goals and key target audiences before we even begin the design process.

Business Design

More Than Business Strategy

We don’t want to just help you market your business; we want to help you enter a new stage of business growth. We do this by providing our clients with business consulting focused on achieving new results through quality design.

Growth Strategy

About Erik Soper

Erik Soper is a business design strategist who works with businesses in many industries to help them reach their next level of growth using quality design.

Erik believes that clear and organized design is the secret to successfully growing business revenue. By digging deep alongside a business to clear and actionable goals, Erik focuses on shaping a consistent and effective brand message.

Since starting his first business in 2014, Erik has worked on design projects for a variety of entities, ranging from startup businesses, to established corporations, to chambers of commerce, including 501(c)(3) non-profits.

Erik Soper of Clarity Business Design

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